Hurrying is food for worry

Acceleration gives us a rush to act, adrenaline to move, and comfort our sense of urgency. The state of our communities and the whole world made us worry, and moving fast seems the only option if we want to have a bright future.

As for humanity, where are we running? To the end of a cliff?

If you feel drained, stressed, and with a short range of influence, come to LUAN and take advantage of art, a beautiful community, and microcontent to act upon your life.

Slow down and smell the roses. Invite calm and art into your life and reap the benefits; do less and achieve more. 

October 6th, 10:00am UTC

*Register for free

10:00 am Mexico City / 11:00 am New York City / 17:00 pm Madrid /8:30 pm New Delhi

What are we doing during the event?

In the first part of the event, we’ll go through a  journey of beauty, art, and storytelling; the intention is to allow a collective sense of calm and joy and reflect upon our humanity. In the second part, we will talk about the purpose of LUAN, the museum’s origin, and the global community we are actively building.

Three powerful ideas for you:


Opening space for calmness and stillness will make you more productive.


Opening space for calmness and stillness will make you more productive.
Positive decision-making is powered by inner peace.


Stress reduces our range of creation, and artistic influence facilitates inner peace.



Marion Cortina

Founder, curator, and seasoned moderator delivering top-tier experiences within the Interior Design, Scenography, Art, Content, and Innovation industries for over 12 years. Passionate about business aesthetics, she serves as the visual gatekeeper to the brands she's involved with. With a unique balance of hands-on drive and curatorial expertise, she has become known for her ability to not only dream up big ideas but executing them at the highest level of performance.


Yanira Matienzo

Innovation strategist with 17 years of experience designing creative concepts and innovation projects for entrepreneurs, companies, social organizations, and educational institutions. She is a university professor and lecturer who has published several pieces of research. Her main focal points are creativity, imagination, innovation, and future design.

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Hurrying is food for worry!

We believe change comes from an internal sense of calm and awareness. Our appreciation of stillness is accepting that by doing less, one can achieve more. Come to this event to be enticed to bring art and motivation to your daily life.

October 6th, 10:00am UTC


Jaime Balmes 11. Miguel Hidalgo 11510, Mexico City, Mexico.


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