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Daily exposure to curated content designed to elevate your mental and emotional state.  Our membership provides a readily available space to clear your mind, feel better and nurture your mental conversation. Art is a tool, and LUAN’s platform is filled with beautiful content, activities, and resources for constant inspiration. 


This membership offers:

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Monthly digital exhibitions

Monthly digital exhibitions with over 50 pieces of curated and high vibing short format content, beautifully arranged in an on-demand Content Map to fill up your mind with beauty and your heart with peace. 

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Call to action guides

Weekly toolkits and call-to-action guides with techniques, tools, and tricks to slow down, increase mental pleasure, emotional satisfaction, and facilitate vital decision making. 

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Global Community

Fresh daily content to interact with a global community of compassionate seekers like yourself to create a sense of belonging, community, and empowerment in creating any life expression. LUAN is a place where you can come in authentic expression and be where you belong.


These are the exhibitions member's will be enjoying in the following months:



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A collective exploration of how every encounter, if seen through vulnerability and compassion, helps us rebuild the social tissue of our community and allows us to discover a shared space where we can live in unity.

  • Attention and observation

  • The art of good conversations

  • Building confidence

  • Knowing others

  • Shaking conversations

Members will actively participate in the selection and
definition of the following exhibits in 2022. 

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LUAN's global membership offers much more than tools, resources, and interactive content that exposes you to beauty and reflection through art. 

Here are some of the ongoing benefits of being a member of our online community:

Only members sessions with transformative content from leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs. 

Constant inspiration inside a curated environment,
nurturing self-care.

Community forum for authentic expression and reflection. 

Emails with propositions and invitations
to elevate your self-perception.

Techniques for art appreciation. 

References and external resources to integrate peace and power into our daily habits.

Methodologies for creative expression and creation. 

Practical exercises for positive problem resolution.


Choose the best plan for you

1 Month

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Regular price

6 Months

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USD 6.99/month (semester billing) Saves 30%

1 Year

USD 72

USD 5.99/month (billing yearly) Saves 40%

Unlimited access to the monthly exhibition. 

If you are a student, teacher or non-profit.

Every month:
+50 pieces of curated and high vibing short format content, beautifully arranged in an on-demand Content Map.

Closed community events with topic experts with profound transformative offerings. 

+4 call-to-action guides with techniques, tools, and tricks to slow down, increase mental pleasure, emotional satisfaction, and facilitate vital decision making. 

Fresh content delivered to your inbox about the topic under exploration. 

Curated resources and outer reference to practice, integrate, and reflect upon. 

Content lead forums with a multidisciplinary, international community engaging in authentic and profound interaction. 

On-demand feel-good experiences to increase your productivity, reduce your anxiety, and reinforce purpose and wellbeing. 

Artistic activities to promote freedom in the act of creating with no other purpose than joy.


+ Bonuses (total value of USD 150)
Online workshop: Clarity on decision making through art. 

Online private session: Wisdom for problems

2022 LUAN Calendar

Upclose: Q&A with Marion & Yanira


Take advantage of the opportunity to access 
the Global Community and benefit from the bonuses.

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Preguntas más frecuentes


Why are we doing this?

Because we all share the same future, and we are also equally responsible for changing it in favor of better opportunities for ourselves and the rest of humanity. Do you agree?

What profiles are we looking for?

This virtual space is open to every passionate, sensitive, good-hearted, and joyful action-takers in every corner of the world.

Which is the minimum recommended age to use this space?

Your home country’s legal age of majority.

Can I access this virtual experience through my smartphone?

Yes! You only need an internet connection and a smartphone to participate in the community, attend events and explore the content. The website also works well on any laptop and any desktop computer, and you can keep using your favorite browser.

Do I need to download any apps on my computer or mobile device to access the LUAN experience?

For a better experience, you can download our community app and video conferencing apps. We will walk you through it, step by step.

What kind of people will I find in the community?

Caring and sharing people who are willing to learn and discover more about themselves and others through art and reflection. We are ethical optimists looking for ways to leave our mark in the world.

When are the live sessions held?

The majority of sessions will be held on Wednesday at 10:00am CST (Central Standard Time), but our speakers come from different parts of the world, so streaming schedules could potentially change on short notice! However, every live session will be recorded for you so you can watch at your convenience.

In which language is the whole experience conducted in?

The whole experience will be done in English.

How many hours of participation are needed to complete LUAN experience program?

We think that 4-5 hours per week can get you to the finish line in one month, provided that you commit to putting all you learn into practice and participating in our community activities.

Will I get a certificate of completion at the end of the program?

Yes! LUAN Emotional Museum will send a Certificate of Completion to all the participants that reach the end of the experience.

Which payment options are available?

You can safely pay with Stripe and Paypal. If you are paying with American Express or your card doesn't accept USD charges please use Paypal.

When will i receive my membership access?

Inmediately after signing up succesfully. Check your email with your access information.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes! You can cancel anytime.

Can I ask for a refund after the charge has been made?

Yes. Drop us a line to [email protected] in the five days after the charge.


Jaime Balmes 11. Miguel Hidalgo 11510, Mexico City, Mexico.


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