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Research has shown that giving makes people feel happy, even if that giving requires a small sacrifice. Join us to explore how giving makes us feel good and how you can create and spearhead waves of change by giving your time, treasure, talent, and of course, your love to your community.

LUAN Live Session

November 10th

10:00 am Mexico City
11:00 am New York City
17:00 pm Madrid
9:30 pm New Delhi

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What are we doing during the event?

In this interactive workshop, Jackie Knechtel, co-founder of the Flow Consciousness Institute, will share a powerful tool to process and release fear, anxiety, and other emotions to help you navigate these times with more ease and grace. You'll also learn essential principles and practices to bring more effortless flow into your life.


Three powerful ideas for you:

  1. There's power in micro-decisions:  seemingly inconsequential choices we make all the time can radically change the course of our lives. 

  2. Effortless living is both an art and a science, and there are scientifically-based tools and skills designed to help you thrive with ease.  

  3. Being realistic limits your capacity to create; allow your imagination to freely express without letting others' limiting beliefs impair you. 



Jackie Knetchel

Born and raised in a 300-inhabitant village in the French countryside, Hélène became an economist for the World Bank. She leads technical assistance projects that foster the socioeconomic development of women entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers in the Latin American and the Caribbean region. Her work has taken her around the world, including  India, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Chile, and finally Brazil, where she has lived for almost a decade. She is currently embracing the generous gifts of Brazilian nature and integrating them to create a balanced life that helps her navigate uncertainty at its root. Whenever she can, she is outside climbing, trekking, and camping. Together with her friends, she founded MBR, a collective inspired by house music, nature, and art from Burning Man, that creates magical musical experiences. She is in charge of scenography, bringing nature to the most unexpected underground places of São Paulo. She practices Vipassana meditation.


Jaime Balmes 11. Miguel Hidalgo 11510, Mexico City, Mexico.


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