Art is often said to be subjective. While it is true that it might trigger different emotions in different people, good art and bad art are not subjective at all. There are neurological stimuli and biological responses to be considered when evaluating art.

LUAN Live Session

October 27th

10:00 am Mexico City
10:00 am Mexico City

11:00 am New York City
17:00 pm Madrid
8:30 pm New Delhi

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What are we doing during the event?

In this talk, we will explore the neuro aesthetic approach to the definition of art and itʼs impact on our brain. We'll talk about how art mirrors our inner selves, beliefs, and preferences by triggering a whole range of emotions. Also, we will visit on the importance of educational tools to access the full benefits that art offers.

Three powerful ideas for you:

  1. According to science, there is good art and bad art. 

  2. Art is more than a feeling. 

  3. Proper tools enhance the benefits of consuming art.


Rita and Marisa are professionals from the art industry with 20 years of combined experience. They consult for companies that aim to enhance their visibility and brand through art. Highly knowledgeable in contemporary art and well equipped to navigate the market, both provide easy access to a global network of artists, galleries, and curators.

Rita Almeida

Is a Lisbon-based art advisor working for a diverse range of clients worldwide. Before co-founding Imaginalis, Rita worked at Phillips de Pury (London), was a nominator for the FT OppenheimerFunds Emerging Voices Award, and collaborated with the ARCO art fair as a collector's liaison. Rita is also the co-founder of The SPOT: Sculpture Park and Outdoor Tendencies and a guest lecturer in the Art Market Post-Graduate program at Universidade Nova (Lisboa). Rita has completed her Business and Administration degree at the Católica Business School and her Masters at Sothebyʼs Institute of Art (Art Business) and Christieʼs Education (Post-war and Contemporary Art). The years spent in Paris, London, and São Paulo have provided her an excellent worldwide network, including private collectors, art dealers, curators, and artists, offering privileged access to distinct art market sectors. 

Marisa Bellani


Is the founder and creative director of Roman Road, a contemporary art gallery in London. The gallery has recently redefined itself with a more fluid and ethical approach, becoming a platform for collaborative exhibitions in 2019. Since 2020, Marisa has organized art residencies in London. She has been running the company since 2013, following and fostering notable projects and dealing with artists worldwide. Roman Road has established a qualitative and thematic program and realized the creation of a research cell and Roman Road Journal in 2018, an online platform dedicated to publishing articles and exploring art, science, technology, anthropology, and literature. Marisa has completed two master degree courses, first at the Institut dʼÉtudes Supérieures des Arts and subsequently at Sothebyʼs Institute of Art. She has held a seat and became the youngest member of one of the Tateʼs Acquisition Committees, regularly participates in panel discussions and portfolio reviews, and talks at art universities.



Jaime Balmes 11. Miguel Hidalgo 11510, Mexico City, Mexico.


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